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Our Story

We not only Created Skinny Coffee...

We’re not bragging, we’ve got the skinny coffee credentials and millions of cups sold and pounds
lost over countless years to back it up. But, we knew we could make it even better.
Skinny Joe is the result.

We created a new skinny brew, Cup of Joe, with two of the most powerful weight loss ingredients clinically proven to work 3x faster than diet and exercise alone. Then, we went one giant step further! The unfortunate little secret in the skinny coffee and tea world, there are some pretty powerful weight loss ingredients that simply won’t taste good in either.

Why leave those out you say? We said the same thing! Skinny Joe aligned with the weight loss product gurus who’ve been at the forefront of some of the most effective reshaping supplements over the last four decades to bring the goods. No one knows skinny like this crew.
Boy, did they deliver.

Cap of Joe contains the hottest new pound and inch-dropping ingredients in a convenient capsule specifically designed as a thermogenic super booster to our skinny brew formula. Individually Cup of Joe and Cap of Joe are weight loss shattering breakthroughs. But together? Our Skinny Joe two-step duo is the quickest way to achieve and maintain a flatter tummy and a slimmer, sexier body.It’s true nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. It’s even more true when it’s done in a healthy way, too. At Skinny Joe that’s just how we “brew” it.

Skinny Joe Mission

To inspire others to wake up each day and become the best
version of themselves in every way.

Best Self

Looking great and feeling great leads to greater possibilities. It’s that simple. Self improvement isn’t a cliche here, it’s a process sparked by dreams that are awakened, friendships that are made and an equally fun, collaborative entrepreneurial community.

Best Life

Design a life you love. Freedom to work when you want, where you want and with who you want using a flexible income-producing platform and products. We empower you to find the perfect harmony between work and life so you can make a living while living!

Best Body

We all come in different shapes and sizes. One size doesn’t fit all here.
You are as unique as your weight loss goals.
Everyone starts the same way, but every metamorphosis is beautifully different and celebrated.

Founding Story


Meet the President
Danica Grimm

Boss Lady

She’s not bossy at all, but she is the super woman who started it all (Founder) and makes the Presidential decisions albeit with lots of smiles, sparkle, and pizzazz.
Her UCLA-degree, business portfolio and direct sales family legacy of creating multi-million dollar companies has been impressive long before she became the original weight loss inspiration behind Skinny Joe.
Before putting Skinny Joe in coffee mugs everywhere, she made sure it worked and worked well losing 45 Pounds of her own.

Our Team

Tammy Boonstra

Media Darling

She’s got the whole walking, talking and chewing gum at the same time thing dialed in after nearly three decades working in Communications for top multi-million dollar corporate brands. She honed her media chops early as an NBC reporter before she traded it in for the west coast sunshine, flip flops, corporate awards and her well-earned title as “the” go-to-girl in media and Communications.

Carolina Esquivel

Support DJ

She wears a headset and spins up answers to all your support questions. She’s got the patience of a best friend with an ear for finding just the right solution to solve the problem. She prides herself on making sure everyone leaves singing a happy tune.

Debra Ambrose

Master Field Leader

As a successful entrepreneur she glides effortlessly between sales and marketing as a Master field leader and company liaison working as both a successful Skinny Joe Independent Associate and one of our superstar social media and event managers. With a solid business background she balances the needs of everyone like she balances her own business and life... perfectly!

Shaila Mehta

Check Master

She’s the ultimate accounting fitness manager, crunching the numbers and working out the finances daily under the tutelage of her experienced CFO father. When it’s time to cut the checks, she’s got the accounting skills, spreadsheets and reports to Excel.


Coffee with a Cause

With Every Cup a Child is Lifted Up!

Doing something great for others tastes and feels great, too.
And, at Skinny Joe Co. we wouldn’t have it any other way. Join
us in supporting Childhelp where a portion of your Skinny Joe
purchases go directly to one of the countries oldest and largest
non-profits for the prevention and treatment of child abuse
and neglect.

A Report of Child Abuse is Made
EVERY 10 Seconds!

Cause We Care
Our Corporate Team Members have been active in Childhelp for
many years in fundraising efforts and as special friends at
Childhelp’s California Village

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